About Ping Reporter

While company's production server was not responsive for 12 hrs with noone knowing about it until next morning, I decided to build a system with which the health check of app servers and various other sub-systems inside can be determined.

Ping Reporter is a project which checks the health of the websites by pinging them on regular intervals. Here, as a user can have many different websites to be monitored, I decided to use background worker as Sidekiq to take care of the processes.

While building the system, I started off with SQLite which is a file system db, when multiple websites were writing their data inside tables, I encountered "Database Locked error". This made me to fully understand why projects go from SQLite to PostgreSQL/MySQL etc. I decided to go for PostgreSQL.

Future things to be done: - Authentication - to support various users - Notifications - to notify users - Improve frontend and many more!